Jetex Cat Bypass Pipes & Front Downpipe

Jetex Performance Exhausts, VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
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Leon 1 1M 99-06


Jetex Performance Downpipes and Cat Bypass Pipes

Note - Some of these parts are designed for "off road use only"

Jetex supply a large range of free-flow sports catalysts which can be used to replace the standard restrictive catalyst.  They can be fitted as stand alone units or in conjunction with a Jetex cat-back exhaust system.

  • Performance replacement for the standard catalyst
  • Pipework made from stainless steel for a long life
  • For Petrol engines only
  • 200cpsi metallic substrate provides: increased performance,  reduced back pressure
  • Significantly less restrictive than a standard ceramic or high density metallic cat
  • Optional fitting kit for most downpipe / catalysts also available.
    Please request a fitting kit when ordering

All Jetex sports catalysts have a maximum of 200cpsi, offering superior gas flow over the standard cats which have 400cpsi or more.  All their catalysts use metallic substrates which are stronger and more reliable than standard ceramic ones:

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