Blue Igniter High Performance Ignition Leads

VW Jetta Mk2 19/1G, 1.1 - 1.3 litre (1984-1985)
Early Type Leads

Part Number: ILSBIPE

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ILSBIPE Blue Igniter High Performance Ignition Leads VW Jetta Mk2 19/1G,  1.1 - 1.3 litre (1984-1985)
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Important Differences Between Early & Late Leads

The difference between early and late type leads is; the early distributor has its copper contact around the outside of the hole where the ignition lead fits into, the same applies at the coil end. The later distributor cap has a small copper prong which sticks up in the middle of the hole. Some times people fit the wrong leads and although they will work initially they do eventually result in problems. Check that both coil and distributor cap have the same connections!

When removing leads please pull on the metal ends not on the lead as this will result in either the lead end cap pulling out of the lead or a misfire at a later date. If this does happen simply rub a small amount of washing up liquid onto lead end and then thread the cap back onto the lead tight.

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Blue Igniters

C & R are the UK distributors of these high quality performance ignition leads. Their unique construction consists of a 19 strand tinned copper core which provides superconductivity, sending a more powerful spark to the plug and ensuring superior performance over standard leads. The copper core is sleeved within a double layer of pure silicon, 7mm thick, which prevents moisture build-up and resists temperature of up to 300 degrees centigrade and handles over 60,000 volts!

All Kits Contain

  • 19 strand copper core
  • Leads in double silicon insulation
  • Factory type spark plug ends
  • Original equipment distributor cap ends
Blue igniters do not require ferrules on the plugs, (the little metal bits which screw onto the upper plug thread).