Armour Door Plates for VW, Audi, Seat & Porsche

Armour Door Plates

If you have a Volkswagen, Audi, Seat or Porsche, your door handles are extremely susceptible to pry-ins. Using a common screwdriver or similar tool, a thief can puncture the vulnerable metal around the door handle and trip the locking mechanism in a matter of seconds.

Armour Door Plates offer practical protection, they not only provide a visible deterrent, they can save costly repair bills by preventing damage caused by ordinary pry-ins. In most cases, Armour Door Plates can also be used to cover existing damage.

Armour Door Plates patented design has two unique flanges which protect the lock mechanism from tampering behind the plate. They are constructed from precision tooled stainless steel which is around 250% stronger than your car’s bodywork.

Armour Door Plates are easy to install, the plates are curved to fit against your car’s bodywork and they are black powder coated to match the trim for a factory installed look. The plates themselves, being stainless steel, are rustproof and come with gaskets to provide a waterproof seal and a neoprene gasket on the back of the plate to protect the car’s paintwork.

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