Blue Igniter Ignition Leads

Blue Igniter High Performance Ignition Leads
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Corrado 50
Golf Mk1 17
Golf Mk1 Cabriolet 15
Golf Mk2 19/1G
Golf MK3 1H
Golf Mk3 Syncro 1H
Jetta Mk1 16
Jetta Mk2 19/1G
Polo 86
Polo 80/86/87
Polo facelift 80/86/87
Scirocco 53 74-92
Vento 1H


Blue Igniter High Performance Ignition Leads

    All these performance ignition leads have:
  • 19 strand copper core
  • Double silicon insulation over the copper core
  • Factory type spark plug ends
  • Original equipment distributor cap ends

Blue igniters do not require ferrules on the plugs, (the little metal bits which screw onto the upper plug thread).

C&R are the UK distributors of these high quality performance ignition leads. Their unique construction consists of a 19 strand tinned copper core which provides "superconductivity", sending a more powerful spark to the plug and ensuring superior performance over standard leads. The copper core is sleeved within a double layer of pure silicon, 7mm thick, which prevents moisture build-up and resists temperatures of up to 300 degrees centigrade and handles 60,000 volts! Original factory resistor lead-ends, both at the distributor cap and at the spark plugs, minimise ignition noise through your radio.

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