Piper Vernier Alloy Pulley

VW Passat Syncro 33, (1985 - 1988)

Part Number: PULDGTI-RED

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PULDGTI-RED Piper Vernier Alloy Pulley VW Passat Syncro 33,   (1985 - 1988)
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Type   Alloy  

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Piper Adjustable Alloy Pulley

Complete with an advance / retard scale, the gears are manufactured in hardened lightweight aluminium for extra durability and these attractive pulleys are available in a range of colours including; blue, black and red.

Correct Your Timing with The Piper Power Pulley

Cam timing can make a huge difference to the characteristics of engine performance. These Piper adjustable pulleys allow the timing to be adjusted to match the specs of an uprated camshaft or can simply be used to allow correct setting of the timing on a standard engine when a head gasket and head skim has been carried out. This procedure actually throws the factory timing marks out so they are no longer correct!
How many of us know whether our car had a head gasket replacement before we owned it?