Kent Performance Camshaft Kits

Kent Performance Cams, Adjustable Vernier Pulleys & Competition Cambelts
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Types of Kent Performance Camshaft Kits

If you are looking for an improvement in the performance of your car, a Kent ‘Sports' Cam Kits should be high on your list.  No other single mechanical modification will result in a greater increase in performance.

Picking the right Kent Cam Kit for your car is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Kent ‘Sports’ Cam Kits are designed utilising the latest in cam design technology, low overlap and minimal duration to help create a cam package that is unbeatable when installed into a standard production road car.  It Improves mid-range and gives gains of upto 22bhp in power.  No other modifications are necessary to for this installation

  2. Kent ‘Sports ‘R’ Cam Kits are designed specifically for the spirited driver. Utilising maximum valve acceleration technology they are designed for cars that have the benefit of other modifications. This cam range is capable of achieving 30bhp gains in power.  It is always recommended that a minimum of a performance exhaust, air filter and sometimes a chip is fitted with this range of cams.

  3. Kent 'Supersports', 'Supersports R’ & ‘Competition’ Cam Kits are specifically designed for motorsport / competition use and are not recommended for use on the public highway.  Special fitting procedures and modifications often apply to this range.

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