High Performance Cylinder Heads: Ported & Polished

High Performance Cylinder Heads: Ported & Polished
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High Performance - Flow Improved Cylinder Heads

  • Superb flow checked porting and polishing
  • Improved profile or larger valves
  • Matched length valve springs
  • Bronze valve guides
  • Reshaped / new valve seats
  • New valve stem oil seals 

The cylinder head fitted to your car at the factory is a compromise, the ports and combustion chambers are left in a relatively rough cast state with only rudimentary attention paid to machining out for improved gas flow. Inside the ports of most VW heads you find a large and restrictive step which hinders gas flow. By accurately removing metal, sharp edges, steps and other imperfections can be eliminated, unleashing hidden potential in your engine for relatively little cost considering the immense work involved.

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