Black Diamond Rear 6 Groove Brake Discs

Black Diamond Brake Discs & Predator Brake Pads
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Black Diamond 6 Groove Brake Discs

The purpose of grooved brake discs is to prevent brake fade by using centrifugal force to dissipate the gases generated between the pad and disc under the extreme temperature caused by heavy braking.

These grooved discs are machined with curved grooves, angled to lead into the pad. The advantage of curved grooves is that they are less prone to cracking and distortion than straight grooves.

Black Diamond discs are black in colour, this is achieved by the use of a black phosphate coating which helps to protect the disc against corrosion and maintain their smart appearance

Sold in pairs Black Diamond discs work superbly when combined with Black Diamond fast road Predator pads or their track day Fast Track pads.

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