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Supersprint Exhaust Parts - Limited Availability Stock

Supersprint produce an enormous range of exhaust components for each car model. They list each individual component separately allowing you to build the exhaust system you desire for your Audi, Seat, Skoda or VW.

We have separated the components into two lists, Regular Stock and Limited Availability Stock. Due to the enormity of the range it is impossible for Supersprint to have all the components available all of the time, therefore certain items are regularly built in quantities and are usually available, whilst less popular products are built from time to time in small batches. Even out of production parts can sometimes be ordered.  Supersprint have kept all of the individual Jigs which they use to ensure that every component is built to the correct size and shape. This means that providing an order of between 5 and 10 of a particular item is placed then the Limited Stock or Out of production item will be remanufactured - an ideal opportunity for clubs and forums to enfranchise their members.

Supersprint Road or Race?

The first question you have to ask is, "Where am I going to use the car?"  If the answer is purely for off road track days or other similar events then the Race Components are the right choice for you. However, if you are creating a fast road car then the street legal Road Components with oxygen sensors, cats, silencers and German TUV approval are for you.

The requirements of road use engines are very different from high-rev and high horsepower race engines. Road race applications are also very different from off road applications. Supersprint treats each situation individually to produce the best possible part for the intended use. Custom road race applications require hand made and  thin walled stainless steel tubing to produce the highest and most useful power from the lightest exhaust system. Whereas for demanding off road use Supersprint utilises heavy gauge steel for resistance to rock and gravel impact. Whether for street or race use  the Supersprint team research, design, test and build exhaust systems to produce real power gains and with their amazing quality of construction the product can last for years

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