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Vibra-Technics Mounts are a completely re-engineered Solution

They are not hard versions of standard parts but a completely re-engineered solution, giving improved durability and handling for both road cars and competition cars requiring rubber bushed suspension.

Vibratechnics Uprated Engine Mounts

Vibra-Technics products are designed specifically for high performance applications where a direct replacement for the standard mount is required along with a much higher level of engine control to cope with higher engine outputs and higher road inputs caused by fast driving. The Fast Road mounts give significant improvements in ride and handling without adversely affecting vibration isolation. The competition mounts can also eliminate clearance problems with strut braces, exhaust systems, body panels etc. They improve handling whilst still giving vibration isolation at high engine speeds.
Competition mounts are not recommended for road use.

Vibra-Technics Uprated Suspension Bushes

Vibra-Technics have developed a small range of suspension bushes which are designed to significantly reduce the suspension geometry changes resulting from acceleration, braking and cornering forces. This gives improvements in the car stability and cornering "feel" without limiting normal suspension travel.

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